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UCNS is open to all children regardless of race, religion or creed, who may benefit from our type of program.

Children enrolled must attain their class age by December 31. The UCNS Board reserves the right to withdraw any child who doesn’t meet the requirements for functioning effectively in a group setting.

UCNS, licensed by the State of Connecticut, requires that children enrolled in all of our programs be toilet trained. UCNS is not licensed to change diapers.

2018-2019 Programs, Schedule, & Tuition

The Two’s Program

This program is a “hand in hand” program. There are two classes of eight children, accompanied by a parent or caregiver. They meet one morning or two mornings per week (depending on program selected) under the guidance of one teacher. Children must turn two by December 31st to be eligible for this program.

Friday – 9:30-11:30, $1,875/year
Monday/Friday – 9:30-11:30, $3,750/year

The Three’s Program

In this program, two sessions of nine children meet three or four mornings a week depending on program selected. One teacher, plus an assistant, supervises each class. When the two classes are combined, the children are supervised by three teachers. Children must be 3 by December 31st. Children entering this program must be toilet trained.

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday – 9:15-11:45, $5,000/year
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday – 9:15-11:45, $6,400/year

The Fours’s Program

This class meets five days per week. There are 18 children in the class with three teachers. Children must turn 4 by December 31st. Children entering this program must be toilet trained.

Monday/ Wednesday/Friday – 9:15-11:45 & Tuesday/Thursday – 9:15-1:30, $7,500/year

The Pre-K (Five’s) Program

This “Kindergarten Readiness” program is for children who have completed one year of a fours class, but need more time before heading off to kindergarten. The pre-k class typically has twelve children, although that may vary depending on enrollment. The class is supervised by two teachers.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday – 9:15-11:45 & Tuesday/Thursday – 9:15-3:00, $10,250/year

Extended Day

This afternoon program is offered to children enrolled in our Threes, and Fours, and Pre-K classes. Eligible children who are not enrolled at UCNS may also attend with permission from the UCNS Executive Board. There is a maximum of 20 children under the supervision of two teachers.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – 11:45-1:30 or 1:30-3:00, $20 per day
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 11:45-3:00, $40 per day

Enrollment Process

UCNS Forms
The steps, forms, and information you need to enroll in UCNS.

UCNS Programs

UCNS Programs
More information about our programs.


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